general update: my job is fucking terrible and i need to quit my coworkers are assholes and i can’t take it anymore on top of that my hands are in so much pain from the infection or whatever the fuck it is i need to go to the hospital but i’m too scared but i slept for 24 hours straight to avoid feeling the pain and it seems like not using them for that long has helped a little but they’re still really fucked up and i’ll probably go to the er tonight

so ofc right after i ironed on the ghoul letters to the jacket i changed my mind about what i wanted to do

but they came off okay only a tiny bit of glue stuck to the jacket where the g was and i’m in the process of trying to remove that as well

i did ruin $7 worth of patches though

in the meantime i have the /perfect/ eye patch coming in the mail

well i stayed out way too late BUT a lot of good finds today~ i was so disappointed while i was shopping but then at the end i loved everything

the haul; first was ross

  • black mesh joggers with zipper pockets which are definitely too big but pretty sure i still like them, we’ll see after i lounge in them for a bit
  • a black hooded varsity jacket that i’m going to modify i bought patches to write “ghoul” vertical down the front and next i’m going to put “tokyo” horizontal on the back under the hood (and i need to come up with a cool relevant patch to put over the a that’s already on it or the discolored spot after i rip the a off) (probably an eye) (a ghoul eye)

next was hoblob

  • letterman patches for the jacket
  • a bracelet i’m going to mod into the dragonballs from dbz (the color might be a bit dark but it’s translucent so it’ll look really good, however the marker i bought to draw the stars on isn’t dark enough because the bracelet is very dark)
  • a princess bandanna for rogue

last was jcp

  • which i only ducked into to see if they had shirts that resemble the oversized ones work gave me AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!! fucking finally and on sale i don’t like that they’re women’s cut but they’re better than what i wear now and there was only one small and one medium (i bought both, i might keep them or return one when i decide which size i prefer)
  • also finally got some petite track pants!!! they’re /still/ a little big but they fit better than anything else i’ve tried, also on sale

so i spent too much money ofc but i think it was a productive day????

so i think i was wearing my new binder inside out which apparently makes a difference with this one???? it’s /still/ not perfect but it’s a lot better this way and it’s starting to grow on me

man binders are such a struggle

all that fucking money i spent on getting a better fitting more comfortable binder and it doesn’t fit right. the previous size i ordered was too big around so i exchanged for a size down and now the upper chest part by the straps doesn’t have enough coverage. i’m so mad i’m not even mad at this point. i have to figure out how to sell it and at least make some of the money back. fuck