my webcomics are so important to me they literally get me through the week i never pay attention to what day it is but when i have to work and am like fuck i hate life i look at this dry erase board that i have webcomic updates/anime releases listed on under each day of the week so like on tuesday when i’m dreading going to sleep in the middle of the day because i know when i get up i have to start my work week i think “well at least there will be a new page of ten when i get up”

i’m pissed that llb hasn’t shipped out my binder yet. it’s been two weeks. i’ve been in contact with them because originally my payment didn’t go through but that’s been sorted out and i was told a week ago it’d been shipped “soon”. so yeah…if this binder isn’t the comfiest thing i’ve ever worn i won’t be ordering from them again.