14 hours ago

my brother has a girl sleeping on our couch and i just worked eight hours and would like to make food and walk to my closet (in the living room) in my underwear but apparently i can’t do either of those things

15 hours ago

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2 days ago

space ripper stingy eyes


2 days ago

tiger & bunny is not what i expected at all

2 days ago

what a terrible fucking morning

3 days ago

i got dressed to go outside in the yard but now i’m just sitting here so

4 days ago

grimy af and going out xoxo

6 days ago with ♥ 1 note

if i could draw i would draw kageyama in this track jacket i almost bought today (and probably will after i get paid this week) it had crowns all over it

1 week ago

i spend way too much fucking money on clothes

1 week ago